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Ron Jones Dynamic Warm-Up DVD
"Move Better NOW!"

My DVD has been shipped to 11 countries and 26 states.

Ron Jones Dynamic Warm-Up DVD
Available Now!
(Run Time 46:05)

International Shipping Option ($40):
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USA Only ($35)

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Prices include DVD, USPS Shipping, & Handling. 

Please Allow 1-2 Weeks for Delivery.

Thanks for all your interest and patience the last few years during the process of developing my version of the dynamic warm-up.  My warm-up has been helping hundreds of people the last three years to Move Better--now it's your turn!

  • Read my Warm-Up Testimonials!

  • Used by the 2007 American Community College Football Coaches Association Coach of the Year Jeff Chudy & his BC Renegades!


Atlanta Sports & Fitness Magazine Recommends the RJ's Warm-Up!

GET READY TO RUMBLE Dynamic Warm-Up--stretching with movement--boosts circulation and elongates your muscles so your body is ready to roll.  USA Cycling coach Ron Jones's DVD, aptly titled Dynamic Warm-Up, offers a smart sequence of 10 moves that'll improve your trunk and leg mobility, and make you feel great.  Once you've got it down, it takes only five minutes to do. 

Selene Yeager, "FITChick" Expert, USA Cycling Coach
Bicycling Magazine
November 2006

I know I sent you a thank you  email shortly after I received your DVD but I just can't help letting you know what a difference this has made in my health & well being.

This is part of my morning ritual and has made significant difference in my workday physical "sitting " demands .  Prior to starting your program I had some basic stretches I would do for my hips & neck due to some old injuries and a long athletic history. But they were not doing the job as longer sitting hours in front of the computer became part of my work routine. My Coach Blaine Wilson recommended your DVD….and the rest of the story is a big thank you to both of you.

I recently worked for a company that provided some workmen's comp services and I am sure these warm up exercises before everyone starts their shift would make significant health improvements and decrease injuries for the self insured employer. Companies where employees sit. lift, stand, all day could all benefit. With many companies adding onsite wellness services I think you have a train the trainer niche with this all standing program. Of course your other programs have their place when all suited up  for a real workout.

Since I am pretty athletic I only needed to watch the video a few times. I then printed from your web site the over all view of the positions and have that in front of me incase I forget the order. I also carry a copy in my purse for when I am traveling. There are days I do these more than once depending on my physical demands or aches & pains.

Joyful and fit at 55,

Debi Jefferson RN, BSN
Seattle, WA
September 2008

I am 15 years old and very active in football and baseball in high school. I injured my lower back and for two and a half months of going to our trainer the pain would not go away. Nothing they would do helped. I played with a lot of pain.

My Dad brought me to see you and you started me on the Dynamic Warm-Up and doing Core strengthening.  The pain was gone in 3 days. I continue now doing those exercises you recommend almost daily and have even shown one of my teammates who was having lower back pain your Dynamic Warm-Up. It has been a couple months now and I can tell my flexibility and strength has improved greatly.
Derek Barnes, California
October 2006

The RJ Dynamic Warm-Up has been great and has saved me significant money!  I started it in Sept 2006 and do it at least 7 days a week. Before the Ron's warm up: my back and hips hurt to the point that I slept poorly at night. I could never get comfortable and was awake with pain. In addition, I really had a hard time playing sports - it wasn't fun due to the pain. At that time, my solution was a new mattress and my Dr. wanted to send me to physical therapy. I worked with Ron Jones in 9/06 and he offered his Dynamic Warm-Up (yeah, just another fad I thought). As I kept with the warm-up everyday, my pain has subsided. I can sleep well and play sports. Also, you guessed it, I saved money by not buying a new mattress!
Joe Nahama, California
January 2008

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RJ Warm-Up Testimonials

Reviews of RJ Warm-Up:

DVD Specifics:

  • Format: DVD Only

  • Quality: This DVD is made by the professional quality Glass Master Process.  Each DVD is a replication of the original glass master and will play in multiple DVD players.

  • Total Run Time = 46:05

  • What Is It?  This is a "Dynamic Warm-Up" program used to prepare people for physical activity and more efficient movement.  Dynamic warm-ups do not involve static or holding stretches.  Dynamic warm-ups use movement patterns and various exercise motions.  Most dynamic warm-ups are designed for athletic populations only and many of the movements require a person to be on their back or stomach while on the ground.  My dynamic warm-up movements are all done on your feet making this series more user-friendly for beginners and even athletes.  Because the movements are done from the feet, you won't have to roll around on the hard floor or wet grass or asphalt parking lot before your golf game, jog, hike, or bike ride.

  • Chapter Format: Introduction (dynamic warm-ups explained), Warm-Up Practice Session (I lead you through each exercise), Tutorials (each of the ten exercises has its own tutorial session covering safety, technique, form, & modifications for different levels of ability)

  • Contents: One (1) Glass Master DVD, Bookcase Cover, & Instructions Insert

  • Cost: (Includes Shipping/Handling): $35 (USA Only) or $40 (International).

  • Payment Options: Web sales through PayPal only (major credit cards accepted).  For multiple DVD shipments (more than 3), money order arrangements and discounted shipping rates can be arranged by contacting me directly.

  • Shipping Method: USPS 1st Class Mail (DVDs are enclosed in bookshelf package with shrink wrap)

  • Shipping Time: Up to two (2) weeks but usually sooner.   DVD will probably be shipped within 2-3 days of purchase confirmation.

  • Shipping Quantities:  The PayPal checkout system has options for 1-3 DVDs.  If you would like to purchase a quantity (more than 3) DVDs, please contact me directly for special arrangements and shipping costs so we can create a special invoice.

  • Other Ron Jones Dynamic Warm-Up DVD Information

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