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I wrote these handouts to help people with health and fitness. 
I have done my best to simplify without losing accuracy or clarity. 
They are "simple solutions for complex issues." 
For further review, please see references at end of handouts.

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MRSA Staph Infection Update

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TheLeanBerets.Com "Avengers of Health!" TheLeanBerets.Com "Avengers of Health!"

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  • These are great handouts published by other organizations that I use for my clients.  See link above.  Various health/fitness topics.

Exercise Figure BodyXercise Photos & Directions

Exercise Figure PowerPoint Presentations

  • I don't normally post PPTs because these are specialized presentations I do for groups by arrangement; however, I have posted an Obesity Update below for all to see.  Feel free to use my PPT with the current data updates from the CDC and others to promote obesity PREVENTION!

  • Obesity Update Presentation (CDC Obesity Trends & Data Updates)

Explanation Key: Occasionally I use symbols and a few technical terms to save space as noted below.
Symbol  Meaning
> More than or "next"
 More than or equal to
 Less than or equal to
 Equivalent to or approximate
=  Equal to
Supine  Face up
Prone  Face down

*Note: The exercises in these handouts are intended for "normal healthy" individuals.  If you have an injury, or abnormal pain is present, see your physician or a certified physical therapist before continuing your exercises. 

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