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"Ron Jones" Dynamic Warm-Up

#1-Spinal Rotation#2-Scorpion#3-Calf Stretch#4-Squat & Reach#5-Single Leg Balance Reach#6-Forward Lunge Reach#7-Backwards Lunge Twist#8-Drop Lunge#9-Lateral Lunge Reach#10-Spinal Flexion/Extension/Shoulder Retraction

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  1. Spinal Rotation

  2. Scorpion

  3. Calf Stretch

  4. Squat & Back Extension

  5. Single-Leg Balance Reach

  6. Forward Lunge Reach

  7. Backward Lunge Twist

  8. Drop Lunge

  9. Lateral Lunge Reach

  10. Spinal Flexion/Extension + Shoulder Retraction

*Note from Ron: Because of the "dynamic" movements in multiple planes of motion with rotational patterns, I recommend that you purchase my DVD.  It is really hard to understand all the different movements with static photos and text--you really need to "see" the movements and how they flow to get optimal results.  You can learn enough from the photos to do the warm-up, but you'll never have the maximum efficiency and improvement without seeing the dynamic rotational patterns. 

Ron Jones Dynamic Warm-Up DVD
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Exercise Figure Tips: The BEST five minutes you could ever spend to improve functional movement and prepare your body for action!  All ten exercises are performed standing.  Space requirements are small--you only need enough room to take one step in all directions from the center starting position.  The full Dynamic Warm-Up with ten reps of all ten exercises can be done in five minutes or less once you master them.

  • It's really hard to show all the various dynamic movements with the still photo pages above.  For optimal efficiency, which then leads to optimal improvement, I recommend that you purchase my Dynamic Warm-Up DVD.  Each of the ten exercises have their own tutorial.  I also have a 5:46 timed warm-up sequence where you can do the exercises with me at the proper pace while I remind you of the basic check points.  I'm sharing my Dynamic Warm-Up "basics" for free with the world because I want everyone to move better with less pain; however, if you want to see all the "fine point" adjustments, you'll need to get the DVD.

  • Rotational Patterns:  None of my rotational patterns are designed to force any end point ranges of motion.  They are just "gentle" rotation patterns that the body under normal conditions should be able to do.  Do not force lumbar rotation because the lumbar spine is not capable by design for more than about 15 of rotation.  Spare the spine from any forced or extreme positions whether it is my warm-up or other activities!

  • My version of the Dynamic Warm-Up was inspired by many people in American Fitness like Jack LaLanne (Yes--he was doing them over 50 years ago!), Mark Verstegen of Athlete's Performance, Jade Molina, Steve Ilg, and a few others along with many of my own experiences.

  • My version is not quite as thorough as Mark Verstegen's "Movement Prep."  However, the above version is much more user-friendly and easier to teach beginners.  You can do mine in a parking lot without every touching the ground.  I've even done my version in airports waiting for my flight or at a rest stop after hours of driving.  It's simple, easy, and VERY effective.  Just do it!

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  • Dynamic Warm-Up & Human Movement Background Info

*Note: This exercise is intended for "normal healthy" individuals.  If you have an injury, or abnormal pain is present,
see your physician or a certified physical therapist before continuing your exercises. 

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