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Mobility: "Head 1/2 Roll"

Directions: Perform my Dynamic Warm-Up exercises at “beginning” of workout for maximum benefit and improvement.
Pick a safe level; never be unsafe or exceed your capacity to “control” your body!

Head Roll-1    Head Roll-2    Head Roll-3

OBJECTIVE: Open up vertebrae & muscles in neck.

  1. Stand upright and “tall” with good posture.

  2. Tilt head straight to one side and directly over one shoulder.

  3. Slowly roll or “slide” chin and head down off shoulder towards center of chest and back up to opposing shoulder.

  4. The deeper work will be done on way "down."  On way "up" soften and relax.

  5. Pause briefly then repeat going other direction.

  6. Perform 3-5 reps on each side.

  7. Do NOT compensate by shrugging your shoulders or twisting back!

Exercise Figure Tips: This one gets a little deeper than the simple Head Tilt and Head Turn.  Be careful to slow down a bit on this one as you gently open up on the way down then lightly roll up head to opposing shoulder.

  • Yet another simple exercise that people struggle with because they are so locked up.  Think--this is for mobility of the "neck" and NOT the shoulders and back.  Put the movement in your neck only even if it's only a little without twisting your whole upper body.

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*Note: This exercise is intended for "normal healthy" individuals.  If you have an injury, or abnormal pain is present,
see your physician or a certified physical therapist before continuing your exercises. 

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(Updated 11.30.07)

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