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Health From The Ground Up:
A Practical Guide to Feet, Ankles, & Shoes

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The focus of my workbook is on the everyday person that wants have healthier feet and shoes. 
While my colleagues in fitness and health can also benefit.
the workbook is not written in a complex or clinical language. 

My final assessment is what people do with their fitness and food when I am NOT in the room. 
If the information is easy to understand and practical—
more will engage with healthier options on their own which is my goal. 

When it comes to health and fitness, I want everyone to play. 
I hope the workbook helps people to simply stand, walk, and move through life...
with better “health from the ground up.”
--Ron Jones

Other Versions Available: (Early 2012)

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“The Foot Fitness Workbook is a must read. Not only is it chocked full of cutting edge information,
but it is very legible and understandable for people of all fitness levels.”
--Kevin Rail, BS, Wellcoach/Fitness Trainer
Park City, UT

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