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"When our thinking is is stable. 
Thinking which is divided in many ways is not true thinking. 
Concentration should be present in our thinking. 
This is mindfulness...your mind should be stable and your mind should not be divided. 
This is zazen."
--Shunryu Suzuki

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Remo Drum Company Health Rhythms Program

  • BikramYoga.Com (Also called "Hot Yoga")

  • DailyZen.Com (Quotes & inspiration)

  • Esalen (Central CA Coast Retreat)

  • GivingTreeMusic.Com (Tribal Drums & Drums Circles)

  • High-Performance Yoga (Steve Ilg)

  • Himalayan Institute (merchandise)

  • Health Rhythms Drum Circles (Remo Drums)

  • PowerYoga.Com (Bryan Kest)

    • Kest has the best collection of videos I've seen for people trying to get into yoga at home. The "20-Minute Beginner Workout" starts with thorough explanations of basic movements and philosophy of yoga. Kest's "6-Minute Power ABS" and "Intensive Body Sculpting" are more workout oriented.

  • Rainbow Expeditions

    • This company is led by Terry Gustafson, a devote Buddhist and authentic “tribal elder.”  There are few if any who now know the Colorado Plateau as well or as long as Terry. His knowledge of the California Sierras is extensive as he was a backcountry ranger in the country for many, many years.  Contact Terry from the address on the website and ask to be placed on his mailing list. He will send you a very cool postcard once to twice a year with trip offerings.

  • USYoga.Org

  • WholisticFitness.Com (Learn balance & flow from yoga/chi master Steve Ilg--mi chi hermano!)

  • YogaFit.Com (SoCal Studio & Merchandise) 

  • YogaForSurfers.Com (Balancing life through yoga and waves with Peggy Hall)

  • Yoga Products & Information (LivingArts.Com)

  • Yoga411.Com (Yoga Resource Center)

  • YogiStyle.Com (Cool Buddhi Baby clothing for the newly enlightened)

"The body must be nourished physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 
We're spiritually starved in this culture--not underfed but undernourished."
--Carol Hornig 

Somatics: "Knowing Through Wholistic Experience"

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