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Chet "The Jet" Blanton
World Record Holder Triathlete

Chet "The Jet" Blanton


My name is Chet "The Jet" Blanton.  I first met Ron Jones in the 1990s.  I was an ultra marathon runner wanting to get into ultra triathlons.  With no biking background, Ron Jones and Norm Hoffman came to the rescue.  Ron was one of the top bikers around and took me under his wing.  Ron also introduced me to Spiz, a liquid food for ultra athletes.  Ron had his work cut out for him because I have the worst diet in the world!  This is where Ron showed me he really cared.  He put up with me and was willing to work with me.  Ron was with me with me when I did my first Double Ironman in Huntsville, Alabama and ran over 20 miles with me personally during the race as my pacer.  When I moved to Hawaii and took on the Triple Ironman, Ron was on a plane to come help me out all the way.  Since then I've done a total of 53 Ironmans:

  • 13 Singles

  • 2 Doubles

  • 3 Triples

  • 1 Decca (10x)

  • 1 Double Decca (20x)

I've also done the world's longest Ironman--the Double Decca (20x) composed of a 48 mile swim, 2,240 mile bike, and 524 mile run completing the continuous race in 28 days and 6 hours.  I'm currently the world record holder for doing the most Ironman Triathlons in one year of 27.  Ron was important during this record setting year and during my training in preparation for the world record challenge helping me with physical training, sport nutrition, and mental skills training.

What's great about Ron is I know I can always call or e-mail him and he will get right back to me, that shows that he cares.

Chet "The Jet" Blanton
September 2003
World Record Holder One-Year Ironman Triathlons
Honolulu, Hawaii

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