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Mobility: "Standing Y"

Standing Y-1    Standing Y-2

OBJECTIVE: Open front of shoulders & strengthen back of shoulders.

  1. Bend over at waist with 45° angle--also called a "hip hinge" movement.

  2. Straighten arms at elbows with arms hanging directly below shoulders.

  3. Quickly raise arms at front angle to body with “thumbs pointed up."  Make sure to keep elbows straight.

  4. Repeat all reps in shape of 'Y.' 

  5. Perform 5-8 reps.

Exercise Figure Tips: This is a great and simple exercise to help open the front of shoulders which are tight in most people.  If you quickly raise arms up, or gently "throw them up" as I instruct people, you'll get a little added dynamic opening at the end range of motion.  The muscles used on backs of upper shoulders to lift the arms get some strength work too--these muscles are typically weak in most people and especially at this angle.

*Note: This exercise is intended for "normal healthy" individuals.  If you have an injury, or abnormal pain is present,
see your physician or a certified physical therapist before continuing your exercises. 

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(Updated 5-28-05)

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