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Health Tribe, I've been running my RonJones.Org site for ten years now--free of charge for all to benefit. 
It has been a rewarding journey to help people--wellness is my life's work. 

I'd like to upgrade some of my technology with more videos and podcasts, etc.  If you have benefitted from the information and my site and feel led to donate and help, please do so--ANY amount no matter how small is appreciated--I will be grateful and use it to help others through my website.  If you cannot donate, feel free to continue using my website for free. 

It is my belief that to be healthy and fit should not require a lot of money, time, higher education, or social status. 
Health should be FOR ALL--no matter what status in life you are currently living. 

I'm a simple person.  I have done my best to keep health and fitness simple, effective, and for everyone. 
Let us continue the journey and spread the good word--of Health!  Namaste' 

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